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Thank you for visiting Goch and Cooper Auto Services.

Born and bred out of pure passion towards clients – that’s what Goch and Cooper is about.  Here we put the customer FIRST, this is our highest priority to maintain a level of professionalism that you cannot but resist to return.  Our highly trained staff compliment of 31 are here to make a difference and are proud to be employed at G&C for being awarded the highest rated workshop nationally by an audit conducted by the AA of South Africa.

We strive to offer you the best possible service and value for money you have ever experienced and that is why we are proudly associated with the  AA, MIWA, RMI, ERA, DASTEK, DASTEK POWER. Our outstanding customer service index (CSI) speaks for itself.

The experience at Goch and Cooper is only but phenomenal. For total peace of mind and expert technical information contact our sales team at G&C for all your motoring needs.


Land Line Emergency / Road Support Fax Email


083-981-1851 086-741-6169 info@gandcauto.co.za


Our Products and Services

Accreditation and Affiliations

  • Affiliated with the RMI,ERA,MIWA,AA
  • Race Sound
  • Microdot


Services and Products

  • Drop off and collection service
  • Courtesy vehicles
  • Vehicle diagnostics and fault-finding on any type of vehicle.
  • All aspects of maintenance, tuning and engineering
  • Quality vehicle assessment and vehicle servicing
  • Guaranteed workmanship
  • Qualified Automotive Engineers
  • Qualified Experienced Motor Technicians
  • Qualified Automotive
  • Certified petrol and diesel Tuners
  • Electronics Experts
  • Qualified Auto Electrician and Air-con Technician
  • Expert Stainless Steel and aluminium Welders


Dyno Department

  • Dyno tuning,  DASTEK chipping, vehicle management systems and direct ECU programming
  • Optimize vehicle performance and efficiency
  • Certified Unichip, Uni Q, Dictator, Go-tech and Go-tech agents
  • Increase engine performance and efficiency
  • Better fuel consumption
  • Power Runs and Graph
  • Vehicle Diagnostic scan
  • Vehicle Management system
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Improved torque for easier towing
  • Improved acceleration for safer overtaking
  • Gain in altitude power loss plus performance benefit
  • Diesel Optimisation, Power Plugs and Intercoolers
  • Improved reliability


Engine Rebuilds

  • Engineering work and engine remanufacturing
  • Rebuild engine to the exact original factory specification
  • 1 year/20 000km warranty on all engines rebuilds
  • Chemically cleaned
  • Piston to bore clearances
  • Deck clearances
  • Bearing thrust
  • Valve pocket clearances
  • Crankshaft clearances


Cylinder Head Reconditioning and Modification

  • Inspection and stripping
  • Pressure testing
  • Cylinder head cleaning
  • Porting and polishing
  • Gas flowing
  • Valve seating


Custom Exhaust Systems

  • Custom built free-flow performance exhausts
  • Branches
  • Headers
  • Manifolds
  • Downpipes & silencers
  • Induction kit
  • Lambda Foolers

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Engine Conversions,  Diesel Performance Enhancement,  Diesel optimisation & Intercooler systems,  Plug & Play Systems / Power Plugs
Diagnostic Testing & Fault Finding,  4×2 Dyna Tuning,  Standalone Management Systems , New & used Reconditioned Cylinder Heads,  Gas flowing & porting of Cylinder Heads,  Reconditioning to ALL Cylinder Heads,  Camshaft Reconditioning & Nitriding,  New Camshaft Billets & Reprofiling,  Automotive Engineering,  Turbo & Nitrous Installation,  Branches,  Mild Steel Exhaust Systems,  Custom Stainless Steel Exhausts (up to 76mm)