Dyna Tuning

Dyna Tuning

Dyna-tuning is the process whereby the engine’s parameters are adjusted (tuned) while continuously monitoring the performance during the adjustment in order to obtain the position of optimum performance, as well as fuel consumption.


Dyno-tuning optimizes your engine’s operating parameters, ensuring optimum performance and efficiency.  The dynomometer provides print-outs of the torque and power characteristics of the engine through the engine revolution range.  The graphs can be used to determine the optimum speed or revolutions for gear changes to suit your driving style, whether it is for optimum acceleration, optimum towing ability or optimum fuel efficiency.

A very basic thing you need to know about dyno’s is that although they are all calibrated similarly, they all differ with their output figures, simply because the test conditions and procedures are so different. Therefore, you should never compare two Dyno graphs from different shops with each other, as this will certainly confuse you.

Different temperatures, humidity and atmospheric pressures play a huge role.