Intercooler Upgrades

What is an Intercooler & how does it work?
Intercooling keeps all engine components at a stable temperature. By lowering the intake temperature, more power can be released from your engine. A Power Cooler intercooler is simply an air to air cooler, working on the same principle as a radiator cooling water. An intercooler lowers the charge air temperature and results in a higher mass of air entering the combustion chamber, resulting in an increase in power and torque if the vehicle is tuned correctly.

An Intercooler reduces the in-take air temperature by as much as 70% which vastly improves power, torque and reliability. Reducing the charge air temperature into the engine minimizes the combustion temperatures, allowing increased power and torque due to the cooler intake air. A good intercooler package can increase power by as much as 30%.

In South Africa we have tough temperature conditions that puts extra strain onto turbo charged vehicles and the most common areas affected on turbo charged vehicles are turbo’s, cylinder heads and pistons. Intercooling is one of the best ways to prevent turbo failures.

Advantages of the Intercooler: 

More Power and Torque
Better fuel consumption
Improved reliability
Engine components will be kept at a stable temperature

When remapping for economy we ensure the power and available torque is from a lower rpm, therefore more available power without the need for hard acceleration to get up to your desired speed.

Take note even economy leads to power gains, just useable at a different rpm range.

Should you need more info on upgrades for your specific vehicle feel free to get in touch with us.

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