Unichip Features

G & C are a certified Unichip and Uni Q dealership.

What is a Unichip and why should I install a Unichip to my Vehicle?

The most obvious reason is to increase engine performance and better fuel consumption. The UNICHIP gives the properly trained technician full control over the timing and mixture functions of most electronically controlled vehicles. Not only can mixtures and timing be set, but it can also be set under various load and RPM conditions. This gives one the ability to optimize the vehicle more economically under light load conditions and set it up for optimum performance under full-throttle conditions.

With Unichip tuning, we guarantee you maximum safe power at full throttle as well as the best economy at part throttle. It is our constant goal to deliver a product that speaks of excellence and quality. The Unichip is a product that will not only give you value for your money but also satisfy you greatly. Are you getting bored with your current vehicle? Do you need better performance and better fuel economy? Don’t buy a new car, invest in a Unichip!

Reprogram it, transfer it.

The Unichip is indeed unique. We can reprogram it and you can simply transfer it from one vehicle to another. Buy it for your current vehicle but also use it on the next vehicle. The Unichip is indeed a sophisticated device. The version Q Unichip is actually the result of 15 years of research and development. To add to this, the Unichip was the very first product of its kind. This piggyback computer is truly the most modern, state-of-the-art electronic engine enhancement product on the planet. It replaces virtually all older versions of the Unichip with one single product.

The UNICHIP is much more than just a “chip”. UNICHIP is a state of the art piggy-back ECU (Engine Control Unit), designed to optimize the tuning of your petrol car in harmony with your existing ECU to deliver maximum power, optimized drivability and improved fuel economy. UNICHIPS work in harmony with the standard ECU and is mapped on your engine while on a chassis dynamometer to obtain the safest maximum power, torque and optimum fuel economy.

Apart from controlling general timing and mixtures it can do idling control, drive extra injectors, take full control over timing functions, eliminate road speed governors, etc. It can be accurately described as a “Piggyback” computer. Unlike other performance chips, the UNICHIP is not a replacement pre-programmed chip that is made to fit all vehicles of the same sort.

Using the unique modular design UNICHIP can control just about any performance modification you can think of, including turbochargers, superchargers, nitrous injection, water injection, propane injection, launch control, full- throttle gear changes and much more.

Unichip Q

The Unichip Q is the new highly developed, reprogrammable piggyback computer that improves engine efficiency, power and fuel.