Aircon Servicing and Regas

Pretty much all cars nowadays are fitted with the luxury of an air-conditioner for our comfort.

Most cars are fitted with a pollen filter or cabin filter, this filter will prevent many pollutants entering the passenger area.  It does not stop micro organisms, the air-conditioner mixes fresh air from outside with a refrigerant.  The mixture turns into liquid as it is cooled.  It is then turned into vapor as it travels through evaporator and blown into the cabin as cool air.  The evaporator provides the perfect conditions for bacteria, mould and fungi to grow, this you surely do not want to inhale.  Tests on pollen filers found 1.6 different strains of organisms in the filter.

Every two years have your pollen filter checked, take advantage of our quality assured Air-conditioning service.  Unlike the roadside refill top-up, we exchange the gas and compressor oil and also insert a special dye to find leaks.  Moisture is removed from the pipes by applying vacuum to the system.  Lastly an antibacterial spray is fumigated through the entire system to give you a long lasting pleasant smell.

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