Engine Rebuilds

We have a 1 year/20 000km warranty on all engine rebuilds.

The Engine rebuilding process:
Each engine is completely stripped and all parts are chemically cleaned. This allows us to check and measure all areas and surfaces of the engine, beginning at the sub- assembly and followed by the cylinder head.

The machine shop compiles a full report on the condition of the entire engine, containing all variables  and we then aid the customer with sound advice in deciding what the next step should be.

The Engineering process:
Goch and Cooper does engine rebuilds for all automotives. We have thus far built more than 150 racing engines, all performed well and held well together. Our meticulous process involve checking a multitude of variables, including piston to bore clearances, deck clearances, bearing thrust, valve pocket clearances and crankshaft clearances. All work is done in-house.

How reliable?
At Goch and Cooper we have managed to find just the right balance of power and reliability to ensure that your vehicle is not only faster than the rest of the pack, but that it also lasts as long as the standard engine should. It takes years of experience to find the right balance between power and endurance. We are proud to have that type of experience.

Engine Assembly
After all machining and engineering work is done; we fine balance all the main moving components of the engine, which include the crankshaft, connecting rods and pistons. Using all new parts – rings, bearings, gaskets and seals, we then carefully assemble the engine by using the correct settings and pressures. After assembly, every torque setting or clearance is double-checked to ensure the highest level of integrity is achieved throughout the assembly process.

Compression calculation
All our race motors have their compression ratios scientifically calculated under the supervision of the owner, Deon Goch, who has had extensive experience in this field. A certificate is issued with all your engine specifications, which includes your bore, stroke, compression ratio, volumetric efficiency, etc.

This is done with any type of engine rebuild or modification to the sub assembly itself, with no extra cost to you.