Intermediate Service

Is performed according to a 37-point mechanical inspection.  After the inspection the client will be called and advised according the inspection. No work will be done without the customers consent.  The vehicle undergoes a very strict procedure to ensure that all work is done according to industry standards.  The client can decide if a wash to the vehicle must be added, this includes a thorough clean inside and out.  The final check is the Quality Control which is a final 19-point checklist to be verified and signed off.

  1. Fender covers on fenders & paper mats on floor
  2. Inspect brake & all warning lights on dash
  3. All lights functioning OK
  4. Hooter & wiper operation OK
  5. Inspect vehicle for scratches/damage
  6. Rear window wiper washer level checked
  7. Front window wiper washer level checked
  8. Battery & terminals checked & tight
  9. Hydraulic levels checked
  10. Inspect fan belts
  11. Inspect distributor for oil leaks
  12. Clean distributor cap and rotor
  13. Oil dust covers on shaft
  14. Plugs, points & condenser checked
  15. Air filter checked
  16. Inspect Accelerator pedal for full throttle opening
  17. Inspect Cam belt & tension
  18. New oil filter tight & wiped
  19. Sump plug tight & wiped
  20. New oil on level
  21. Oil & service decals on
  22. Old parts in boot packed and closed
  23. Engine bay inspected for loose tools
  24. Timing &Carburetors adjusted
  25. Brake and all warning lights on dash
  26. Check safety belt stork and operation
  27. Inspect brakes and handbrake operation
  28. Test Air-condition function and temperature test
  29. Test coolant glycol level, coolant level, coolant leaks, top ups
  30. Test clutch pedal and brake pedal free play and lubricate if necessary
  31. Lubricate all door latches and hinges
  32. Check all fluid levels
  33. Full undercarriage inspection
  34. Inspect front brake discs
  35. Correct tyre pressure
  36. Torque wheels
  37. Road test vehicle
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