Major Service

Performed according to a 75-point inspection.  A Full bumper to bumper in-debt inspection is carried out.  After the inspection the client will be called and advised according the inspection. No work will be done without the customers consent.  The vehicle undergoes a very strict procedure to ensure that all work is done according to industry standards.  The client can decide if a wash to the vehicle must be added, this includes a thorough clean inside and out.  The final check is the Quality Control which is a final 19-point checklist to be verified and signed off.

  1. Inspect: Scratches/damage & note on JC
  2. Check aircon temp
  3. Inspect brake pedal travel and freeplay
  4. Inspect clutch pedal travel and freeplay
  5. Check safety belts
  6. Check window operating condition
  7. Hooter
  8. Wiper
  9. Clutch pedals lubed
  10. Brake pedals lubed
  11. Inspect warning lights on dash throughout
  12. Inspect door operation
  13. Inspect bonnet operation
  14. Inspect handbrake and adjust if necessary
  15. Inspect brake light
  16. All lights functioning
  17. Inspect wiper blades rear
  18. Inspect wiper front
  19. Inspect boot operation
  20. Inspect brake pads
  21. Inspect brake linings
  22. Inspect for no hydraulic leaks
  23. Inspect CV joints
  24. Inspect CV dust covers
  25. Inspect CV universal couplings
  1. All grease nipples serviced if necessary
  2. Inspect shock absorbers
  3. Inspect shocks for leaks
  4. Inspect exhaust for leaks/routing
  5. Check drive shaft joint condition
  6. Oil dust covers on shaft
  7. Wheel bearing tight & packed
  8. Lube all rubbers (suspension)
  9. Check condition of engine mountings
  10. Inspect aircon micro filter
  11. Inspect brake fluid / Level
  12. Battery terminals checked
  13. Battery water level checked
  14. Inspect cable routing
  15. Compression test carried out if necessary
  16. Coolant system inspected for leaks
  17. Coolant system levels checked
  18. Coolant system SG levels checked
  19. Front window washer level checked
  20. Rear window washer level checked
  21. Hydraulic levels checked
  22. Air filter checked and / or replaced
  23. Clean out water traps (diesel)
  24. Fuel filter replaced or cleaned
  25. New oil filter tight and wiped
  1. Sump plug tight and wiped
  2. New oil on level, oil & service decals on
  3. Plugs checked / replaced
  4. Inspect gearbox oil levels
  5. Points checked / replaced
  6. Inspect transfer case levels
  7. Condenser checked / replaced
  8. Check diff oil level
  9. Inspect accelerator pedal / full throttle
  10. Inspect fan belts
  11. Inspect cambelt and tension
  12. Timing & carb adjusted
  13. Inspect steering rods
  14. Inspect steering links
  15. Inspect steering box
  16. All latches greased
  17. Inspect tyres pressure – Bar – FRONT
  18. Inspect tyres pressure – Bar – BACK
  19. Inspect spare wheel pressure – Bar
  20. Inspect tyres & spare condition
  21. Wheel caps & nuts all on
  22. Wheels torque
  23. Sticker on rear window/boot
  24. Old parts in packet in boot & closed
  25. Engine Bay inspected for loose tools